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Deep, Small Pine Needle Basket #1505

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Deep, Small Pine Needle Basket #1505

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A small, rounded pine needle basket by Pam Etheredge of Afton, TN. Pam colors some of her pine needles with natural dyes before weaving, as seen in this basket with its two red stripes.

Product Description

Pam Etheredge has been crafting pine needle baskets since she was a young girl.  She grew up in Alabama where long-leaf pine needles were plentiful, and her grandmother taught her how to turn them, along with sweetgrass, into fine baskets. 

Pam now uses hand-waxed linen instead of sweetgrass to lace the baskets; she also hand-dyes some of the needles to add some color into her work.  In some of her baskets, Pam uses slices of walnuts and wooden beads as focal points. 

This small, open basket is approximately 4 3/4 inches in diameter, and 2 3/4 inches tall.

Artist statement included.

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