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Glass Cartouche - C

Glass Cartouche - C

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This glass cartouche is reminiscent of the hieroglyphic name plates worn only by the pharaohs or kings in Ancient Egypt. An ideal size and shape for an entryway sidelight!

Product Description

Opaque turquoise, green and black glasses surround an etched clear glass with a variety of components such as a carved soapstone scarab, geode slice, mineral donut, bevels, glass nuggets and glass accents. The panel is enhanced with decorative soldering and has a black metallic finish. Due to the opaque glasses this piece is ideal for a window or could be used as a wall piece. Approximately 4 in. wide and 22 in. long. Due to Mother Nature, each geode slice is unique, so please allow for variation. Handcrafted by glass artist Cheryl Stippich of Hendersonville, North Carolina. Artist statement included.