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Dragonfly Kaleidoscope

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Dragonfly Kaleidoscope

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Everything just looks neater when viewed through a kaleidoscope!

Product Description

This nifty dragonfly kaleidoscope is made by Marc Tickle of Asheville, NC.  A native of England, Marc has been a Southern Highland Craft Guild member since 2001.   Marc appreciates the culmination of art and science, and says of his process, "I absorb my inspiration from the natural complexity of our surroundings. An occasional glass of wine at night and some delicious cheese helps too."

The Dragonfly kaleidoscopes are made with solid brass tubing.  A protective finish keeps the brass from tarnishing, so they are very user-friendly and feel comfortable in your hand.  Marc adds a decorative dragonfly onto the brass with a soldering iron, which he uses as a painter would use a paintbrush--each one is as unique as the view each person sees out through the kaleidoscope!   The clear tubes of durable, hard acrylic hold teeny beads of color, and shiny, multicolored stars--simply hold the kaleidoscope up to your eye with the full-end of the tube on top, and watch the kaleidoscopic image of the colors shift and move as they slowly trickle down to the bottom...then flip it over;  repeat as necessary! 

7 in. long, 6 1/4 in. wide (wand). 

Artist statement included. 

(Kaleidoscopic images were taken through the kaleidoscopes with a simple digital camera!)