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Fragility Doll - Youth (icy-blue)

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Fragility Doll - Youth (icy-blue)

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Paper wings represent the fragile nature of the human spirit.

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"The human spirit is like the wings of a fairy; as fragile as paper.  In the beginning our wings can lift us and all things seem possible. Life challenges the fragility of wings and spirit. Our own and others."  That's the special message that accompanies this very special series of dolls.  They remind us that we are ALL fragile sometime, and so be kind to those around you because you never know what someone else is going through. 

Fragility is an original doll envisioned, designed, stitched, stuffed and embellished by Charlie Patricolo.  Charlie lives and works in beautiful Murphy, NC, near the John C. Campbell Folk School.  She also teaches and demonstrates her craft at various venues--from Florida to Michigan!  Charlie is overflowing with ideas (and colorful fabric), and it's hard to look at her dolls and not feel her effervescence coming through. 

This sweet fairy, with her fluffy head of silvery-white hair and paper wings, hangs from the middle of her back by a sparkly ribbon.  

The distance between her head and her very arched toes is approximately 11 in.; her wingspan is approx. 9 in. 

Artist statement included.

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