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Raku Heart Box

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Raku Heart Box

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A keepsake box, or a little piece of sculpture by Lynn Jenkins of Valle Crucis, NC.

Product Description

Heart-shaped, raku-fired, porcelain box by Lynn Jenkins of Valle Crucis, North Carolina.  Approximately 2" in diameter.

Lynn started potting as a teenager in 1976, and clay has been a part of her life ever since. She works primarily with raku-fired pots. The word Raku means "enjoyment of freedom" and/or "peace." In pottery terms it refers to a firing process which dates back to the sixteenth century in Japan.

Raku is a fast firing process which takes approximately 1 hour. The pottery is glazed and then placed into a gas kiln where the temperature goes from 1500 to 1900 degrees F. The pot is then removed with tongs and placed in a drum of burning newspapers for about 30 minutes. During this process the pottery goes through a reduction and the unglazed clay turns black. The cracks form in the glaze because of the rapid cooling, and appear because the clay has turned black while the glaze was cracked open. The pots are removed from the newspaper and quenched in water, and then rubbed clean.

Lynn hopes you enjoy the energy she passes to you with her pottery!

Artist statement and explanation of raku pottery included.