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  • triangle small ceramic handmade vase

    Tripodal Ceramic Bud Vase

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  • decorative turquoise ceramic wall vase with stamped decoration

    Ceramic Wall Pocket Vase

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  • handmade ceramic butter bell by sc potter, turquoise or cream colored ceramic butter bell

    Cream or Turquoise Butter Bell

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  • wheel thrown handmade small ceramic mixing bowls in cream and turquoise

    Small Handled Mixing Bowl

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  • wheel thrown handmade carved white shallow casserole

    Cornell Casserole

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  • brown carved ceramic lamp, one of a kind lamp, mountain home decor, sc pottery lamp

    Carved Vine Ceramic Lamp

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  • blue handmade ceramic lamp, carved handmade clay lamp, cobalt blue lamp

    Cobalt Blue Tall Ceramic Lamp

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  • handmade ceramic lamp, large green clay lamp, sc pottery, sc clay, mountain home decor,

    Turquoise Tall Ceramic Lamp

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  • huge ceramic jar, carved white and blue jar, extra large ceramic jar, large clay jar

    Extra Large Carved Light Blue Jar

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  • Tall Water Pitcher

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  • Cobalt blue wheel thrown ceramic pottery mug with darker blue drips around the edge

    Wheel Thrown Ceramic Mug

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  • Ceramic Peanut Bowl

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  • Lidded Fish Bowl

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  • large wheel thrown cream and brown serving bowl with ruffled edges

    Large Fluted Serving Bowl

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  • Carved and Decorated Bowl

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  • Carved and Stamped Pitcher

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  • handmade beer stein, huge handmade ceramic mug, sc potter

    Wheel Thrown Beer Stein

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