February 10 - May 8, 2018

Upstairs on the second level of the Folk Art Center, visitors can explore the works of the latest exhibition, Wonderland. Opening on February 10th, the exhibit showcases a variety of fine craft focused on the topics of imagination, freedom, play and wonder. The gallery features five members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild  with vibrant and colorful pieces for sale.

Recently juried Guild member Lauren Faulkenberry spent time exploring new illustrations during an artist residency at Penland School of Crafts with the start of 2018. "Every once in a while, I do a retreat - a residency - that gives me time to focus on making new work, experimenting with new techniques, and rejuvenates me." Monoprinting is one of the processes Faulkenberry was able to work into her exhibition pieces which features birds in flight.

For weaver Betsy Meyer, each of her framed woven tapestries carry elements of bold color. "Fascinated with fiber and textiles since childhood, I rely on line, design, and color and texture to tell the stories in my fiber art," states Meyer. Her piece Celtic Dream uses unspun fabrics from India, inspiring the energy and interaction of the work.  "I come home from trips with a suitcase full of outlandish treasures... bits and pieces of wrapping paper, scraps of kimonos and bright red money envelopes from Japan, odd buttons and trims from Belgium, postcards and snapshots showing fragments of Byzantine mosaic floors, carved lintels, ancient doors...all are a fascinating mix...that my inner muse plucks from memory."

The rotating gallery on the Folk Art Center's second level continues to bring craft of different media that often are one-of-a-kind works. One of the benefits for Guild members is the opportunity to submit both ideas and pieces to the shows.

Wonderland displays the following makers and their work: Ruthie Cohen in jewelry, Lauren Faulkenberry in paper, Betsy Meyer in fiber, Jeri Landers in mixed media, and Laura Peery in clay.

Admission to the Folk Art Center is free. The Folk Art Center is located at Milepost 382 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in east Asheville. Headquarters to the Southern Highland Craft Guild, the Center also houses three galleries, a library, a craft shop and a Blue Ridge Parkway information desk and bookstore.

Exhibition Participants

Ruthie Cohen jewelry

Jeri Landers fiber

Betsy Meyer fiber

Laura Peery  clay

Lauren Faulkenberry paper


Linda Caristo
Maker Statement:

My art and my mountain homeland mean so much to me. Perhaps when someone purchases one of my creations they will take some of the peace of this area back with them.