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June 29 – Sept. 22, 2019

The Southern Highland Craft Guild is proud to host Woodn't You Like to Know, a new exhibition of work assembled by the American Association of Woodturners' exhibition coordinator, John Hill. The show features some of the nation's most renowned woodworkers; pieces by Guild members Warren Carpenter, Joe Ruminski, Stoney Lamar, Mark GardnerRodger JacobsBill & Tina Collison, and Holland Van Gores are included in the show as well as works by artisans Merryll Saylan, Graeme Priddle/Melissa Engler, Jerry Bennett, David Ellsworth, Harvey Meyer, Chris Ramsey and Dixie Biggs, among others.

Michael Bauermeister

John Beaver

Jerry Bennett

Dixie Biggs

Trent Bosch

Warren Carpenter

Bill and Tina Collison

David Ellsworth

Harvey Fein

Clay Foster

Mark Gardner

Stephen Hatcher

Keith Holt

Michael Hosaluk

Rodger Jacobs

Ed Kelle

Stoney Lamar

Harvey Meyer

Graeme Priddle /Melissa Engler

Chris Ramsey

Joe Ruminski

Joshua Salesin

Avelino Samuel

Merryll Saylan

Mark Sfirri

Hayley Smith

Holland Van Gores

Jacques Vesery

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