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CLASS OF 2019 

A group exhibition featuring the 2019 graduating class of the Professional Crafts Program at Haywood Community College. 

On view through June 23, 2019


Haywood Community College is an Educational Center Member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild.  This designation encompasses the schools, colleges and universities that operate craft classes and programs in the Guild’s region.  Education Center Members are invited to present an educational demonstration/display at the Guild’s annual Craft Fairs.  The sale of student work is allowed under the auspices of the Education Center, which has met certain requirements of the Guild’s Standards Committee.

Haywood’s Professional Crafts Program has enjoyed a special relationship with the Guild, given the common emphasis on craftspeople that make a living from their work. Since the mid-1980s, Haywood has held graduate exhibitions at the Folk Art Center.  This presentation signals the student’s emergence into the professional world.

Haywood Community College and the Southern Highland Craft Guild share a history that documents the role of craft education in preserving traditional culture, creating economic opportunity and fostering professional practice.  All of the artists represent the vitality and creativity of craft practice today, which is the ultimate purpose of both institutions.

Many Haywood graduates have gone on to become members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild.


Professional Crafts PROGRAM

Haywood Community College is located in Clyde, North Carolina, just west of Asheville.  The college’s Professional Crafts Program began in recognition of the region’s strong craft heritage.  It was envisioned that students would learn the basics of craft media and how to transform that craft into a business.  The clay studio was the first to open in 1974.  With the addition of jewelry, wood and fiber studios, a comprehensive curriculum was in place by 1977.

The program’s total enrollment is about 60 students; classes are therefore small which allows for one-on-one student to teacher attention.  Students come from the area, the nation and abroad.  They may or may not have prior experience of their craft.  Many are pursuing crafts as a second or third career.  The course of study is challenging, combining craft concentrations with supplemental classes in design, drawing, craft history, business, marketing and photography.  Students spend the majority of their time in the studio making their work.  At the end of the two-year program, graduates are awarded either a diploma or an Associate of Applied Science degree.

The teaching of professional practices has set Haywood’s program apart.  The college has worked closely with NC Real Enterprises (Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning) to develop a hands-on approach to the business and marketing of crafts.  This practical training has proven far more successful than academic business classes in the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Participating Artists:

Desiree Dionysius

Sally Farmer

Alex W. Franklin

Renee Gaudet

Alyssa Johnson

Rebecca Juliette-Duex

Lensey Knox

Michael Layne

Monica McCleary

Taylor Michalski

Hannah Mitsu Shimabukuro

Mariah Nehus

Cassidy Sidden

Andrew Stack

Alexander Tolini

Madison Utt

Wesley W. Waters

Hannah Watson