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  • handmade ceramic brown and off white pasta bowl, north carolina pottery

    Stoneware Pasta Bowl #2

  • painted striped flat stoneware platter

    Stoneware Platter

  • handmade ceramic brown and off white pasta bowl, north carolina pottery

    Stoneware Pasta Bowl #1

  • black and white rabbit sculpture

    “Butterfly Rabbit” – Sculptural Vase

  • bunny sculpture holding a flower with grace drawn on the back

    “A Gift from Grace” – Bunny Sculpture

  • handmade ceramic bunny sculpture with carrot vase on head, whimsical animal clay sculptural vase

    “Carrot Top Rabbit” – Ceramic Vase

  • orange and white handmade ceramic vase of cat

    “Tabby Cat” – Ceramic Vase

  • short ceramic vase with purple, chartreuse and bees

    Short Bee Circle Vase

  • handmade ceramic pyramid vase with dark gray light blue and orange patterns

    Pyramid Vase with Colorful Patterns

  • large flat square ceramic platter with yellow gray and blue patterns

    Flat Chartreuse Platter with Patterns

  • large asymmetrical platter handmade in clay with green gray blue and black

    Asymmetrical Slab Built Platter with Patterns

  • Lidded Steins

  • Leaf Tumbler

  • checkered soda fired carved bowl

    Oval Carved Serving Bowl

  • carved soda fired yellow oval bowl, hand carved pottery

    Small Oval Yellow Bowl

  • small soda fired basket vase

    Carved Soda-Fired Vase

  • carved ramen bowl, carved and soda fired orange and white bowl

    Carved Soda-Fired Bowl

  • carved soda fired ceramic coffee mug

    Carved Soda-Fired Leaf Mug

  • handcarved leaf salt fired mug, nc bakersville potter

    Soda-Fired Leaf Mug

  • handmade ceramic mug with carved leaf design, soda fired coffee mug

    Carved Leaf Mug

  • green and yellow carved handmade ceramic cups, nc pottery, Bakersville potter

    Ceramic Carved Cup

  • hand carved bee mug

    Hand Carved Bee Mug

  • carved mountain vase

    Large Blue Ridge Vase

  • large square carved bee ceramic plate with brown rim and green and blue middle with bees carved

    Ceramic Square Bee Plate

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