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  • small handmade ceramic bee plate with honeycomb design, carved brown rim

    Small Square Bee Plate

  • blue and purple handmade ceramic bud vase with bee carved

    Carved Bee Bud Vase

  • Blue Ridge Pitcher

  • large ceramic mountain platter

    Large Circular Mountain Platter

  • ceramic small dish with mountain decoration, ceramic butter dish, mountain kitchen decor

    Mountain Butter Dish

  • small white serving tray with handles and mountain design, mountain kitchen decor

    Small White Mountain Serving Tray with Handles

  • small rectangle serving dish with mountain scene, ceramic handmade small serving dish

    Mountain Asparagus Tray

  • mountain serving tray, handmade ceramic tray with mountain decoration and little handles

    Medium Green Mountain Serving Tray with Handles

  • white ceramic mountain serving dish with handles, mountain kitchen decor

    Medium Mountain Serving Tray with Handles

  • ceramic mountain baking dish, doe ridge pottery

    Ceramic Mountain Baker

  • Swirly Gig Birds Mug

  • Square Dish

  • Wheel Thrown Colander

  • Medium Wheel Thrown Ceramic Bucket

  • asymmetrical vase, asheville river arts district, benyo pottery, asheville ceramics, folk art center

    Oval Vase with Cut-Outs

  • contemporary ceramics, modern ceramics, asheville potter, shallow serving bowl, benyo pottery

    Light Blue Shallow Bowl with Patterns

  • blue green ceramic handmade bowl, mountain home kitchen decor

    10″ Blue Green Forest Bowl

  • mountain serving bowl, gift for the cook, handmade mountain pottery, doe ridge pottery

    10″ Blue Mountain Bowl

  • large white pottery bowl, large white handmade serving bowl, gift for the cook, doe ridge pottery,

    Large White Mountain Bowl

  • light green large handmade ceramic bowl, pottery bowl, kitchen gift, wedding gift, handmade housewarming gift

    Large Light Green Mountain Bowl

  • large serving bowl, potluck bowl, handmade ceramic salad bowl, doe ridge pottery, boone pottery

    Large Blue Green Mountain Bowl

  • wheel thrown handmade carved white shallow casserole

    Cornell Casserole

  • large mixing bowl, handmade deep ceramic mixing bowl,

    Deep White Ceramic Serving Bowl

  • dark wheel thrown ceramic lamp with green glaze

    Large Slip Trailed Ceramic Lamp

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