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  • white and turquoise handwoven table runner, lees surrender, va fiber artist

    Handwoven Overshot Table Runner – White/Teal

  • white and green overshot table runner, handwoven table runner, traditional weaving

    Handwoven Overshot Table Runner – White/Olive Green

  • white and dark blue handwoven overshot table runner, traditional crafts, mountain home decor

    Handwoven Overshot Table Runner – White/Dark Blue

  • brown and white handwoven overshot table runner, lee's surrender, va fiber artist

    Handwoven Overshot Table Runner – White/Brown

  • gray and white handwoven table runner, traditional weaving, va fiber artist, folk art center

    Handwoven Overshot Table Runner – White/Gray

  • pale sheer scar, hand dyed indigo scarf

    Marbled False Indigo and Charcoal Silk Scarf

  • Marbled Indigo and Yellow Ocher Silk Scarf

  • false indigo silk scarf, hand dyed silk scarf with natural dyes

    Marbled Fresh Leaf Indigo and Charcoal Silk Scarf

  • red and blue shibori scarf, hand dyed silk scarf

    Marbled Indigo and Red Ocher Silk Shibori Scarf

  • blue and red blankets, handmade affordable blankets

    Colonial Style Coverlet

  • bamboo scarves, hand printed soft decorative scarf, handmade scarf, folk art center, jude

    Hand Dyed and Hand-printed Bamboo and Cotton Scarf

  • vegan coin purse, vegan gift, handmade coin purse, black and white with yellow zipper purse

    Printed Cotton Canvas Black and White Coin Purse

  • red handmade hand printed clutch with carry strap, waxed linen wristlet, vegan bag,

    Waxed Canvas Garnet Lotus Wristlet/Clutch

  • mustard geometric printed canvas bag, vegan canvas bag, elementality asheville, hippy shoulder bag, folk art center, southern highland craft guild

    Waxed Canvas Mustard Casita “Weekdayer” Bag

  • handmade vegan bag, handprinted canvas bag, waxed linen bag, folk art center, elementality asheville

    Waxed Canvas Printed Terra Cotta Satchel

  • teal mountain canvas bag, vegan canvas bag, handmade printed bag, elementality bag, rachel elise bags, folk art center

    Waxed Canvas and Peacock Vista Courier Bag

  • vegan bag, black white and brown canvas large shoulder bag, handmade canvas shoulder bag, rachel else, elementality asheville,

    Waxed Canvas and Black Pattern Commuter Bag

  • mountain backpack, handmade canvas bag, rachel elise bags, folk art center, teal and brown bag

    Waxed Canvas Mountain Bucket Backpack

  • handmade backpack, canvas printed backpack, hipster bag, rachel elise, folk art center, gift for millennial

    Waxed Canvas Terra Cotta Bucket Backpack

  • Turquoise Two-Sided Story Quilt

  • Red Two Sided Story Quilt

  • Blue Two Sided Story Quilt

  • Portulaca Wall Quilt

  • Bricktown

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