FOLK ART CENTER FOLK ART CENTER Manager: Beth Renne, [email protected], Shop: [email protected] WATCH VIDEO

What makes your shop unique: 

“Allanstand is the oldest craft shop in the country with such a rich history. It was established in 1893 and was moved to the Folk Art Center in 1980. This shop was the start of the SHCG and for over a hundred years, this shop has carried the highest quality home decor and handmade gifts. Because we’re located inside the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway, visitors will have much more than just a shopping experience. There are two exhibition rooms, a craft museum, library, and Blue Ridge Parkway bookstore.” – Beth Renne, Allanstand Shop Manager




TUNNEL ROAD SHOP Manager: Laura Sprietzer, [email protected]


What makes your shop unique:

This February marks my 16th year managing the Tunnel Road shop (or Guild Crafts). Every day when I either open or am the last one here I say “hello, little shop!” or “good-bye, little shop!” upon entering or leaving. That’s just how I do. I tend to talk to inanimate objects anyway, so talking to an entire store really isn’t that weird for me. I guess it’s such an endearing place, though, and were it different than it is, I may not interact with it in quite the same way. It’s got an unassuming facade, in fact a lot of folks drive by without even noticing we’re here. But when they DO notice, when they finally decide to stop, they step inside and their eyes light up as they take it in. No, it’s not fancy or modern, and some fixtures could use an upgrade, but it’s cozy and homey in here. And we’re friendly and welcoming. And the displays are inviting. And with it being the least-busy Guild store, people can take their time looking around. Some folks come in just to get away for a bit. I love that about this place – that people feel so comfortable in here, with us. We get a lot of the local traffic, and a bunch of regulars at that – folks who know they can pop in for a quick, inexpensive teacher gift, or a beautiful pair of earrings for an anniversary, or a replacement mug because their husband/sister/daughter just broke one. The regulars are great, and I’ve been able to form pretty neat friendships over the years with people whom I wouldn’t otherwise meet. When I think of what makes my shop unique I keep coming back to people: customers love the personal attention they get; I love that we have items under $10 so pretty much everyone can leave happy, with something nice; my coworkers are my extended family, my sisters; the slower pace here means that when artists drop off orders I can usually spend a little time with them, visiting, laughing, getting to know them. So yeah, I’m proud to work in a building which was built to be a Guild shop, proud to sell some of the finest crafts and art in the region, but I’m most proud of the relationships I’ve formed and the community I’ve built in and around this little shop on Tunnel Road.


Here are some of my favorite things in the store (believe me, I could have picked 100 favorites, but have been limited to four): Peter Chapman’s piranha puzzle because of the severed finger inside. I love pointing it out to people and hearing them go, “ewww” before they start laughing, wondering what’s inside all the other puzzles. Anne Freels’ cornshuck dolls because they each have a story, they’re so wonderfully colorful, and they are such a wonderful link to our organization’s – and this region’s – rich history. This [detail of a] Jan Heath print because of its deep colors, and it’s mystery and moodiness. And this charm necklace by Tamela Wells because of its bright colors, various components, and of course the little “peace” bead.





BILTMORE VILLAGE Manager: Judy Dillingham, [email protected]


What makes your shop unique: 

The Biltmore Estate, and our proximity to it, allows us to introduce the Guild to people from all over the world, that might not be aware of The Southern Highland Craft Guild. I love that the historic building we are in is the Biltmore-Oteen Bank Building and that it was built during the same time period as when the Guild was being formed.  The interest that Edith Vanderbilt had in textiles and the formation of Biltmore Industries coincides with the history of Francis Goodrich and Allanstand Cottage Industries. I like to think that they were kindred spirits in establishing the craft industry in Western North Carolina, and that we are the beneficiaries of their efforts today. 

It is hard to pick a favorite, as I appreciate it all so much, but I am aways drawn to the warmth of wood.  A finely crafted salad bowl is both practical and beautiful, and I imagine it becoming a family treasure that is based down from generation to generation.



MON-SAT | 10AM-5PM, SUN | 12PM-5PM


Manager: Ellen Schaller, [email protected]

What makes your shop unique?

The Southern Highland Craft Guild at Moses Cone Manor is UNIQUE because: 1. It is the only seasonal retail location; operating April through November. 2. The shop is located in the historic summer residence of Moses and Bertha Cone; textile magnates, conservationists, and philanthropists. 3. Not only have guild members and staff worked in the landmark structure, they resided in the home, seasonally, beginning in the 1950s through the early 1990s. 4. The guild has operated in the Manor House, continuously since the early 1950s, making the present location the oldest physical “home” of the organization. 5. Educational demonstrators have a “private” space on the enclosed sun porch of the home with amazing estate views. 6. Guild staff work side by side, actively, and cooperatively, daily, throughout the season, with the National Park Service and America’s National Parks.



APRIL 15 – May 31 | Wed-Sun, 10AM-4PM


Manager: Keri Farlow, [email protected]

What makes your shop unique: 

“The Southern Highland Craft Guild is 91 years old, with the oldest craft shop in the country, and it’s now evolved to an online platform with a much larger audience for appalachian artists and handicraft. When people shop with the Guild online, we’re bringing the experience of shopping in our craft shops to the comfort of their homes, which is really important during times like these… People should remember that even though they’re shopping online, they’re shopping from entrepreneurs and small businesses. Orders are fulfilled and shipped by me, and I usually get orders out within three days!” – Keri Farlow


OPEN 24/7


Hello Guild Members! 

I regret that I am not able to attend the Annual Meeting this year due to my brother’s wedding. This August will be my third year with the Guild and I am currently working remotely. I am available by phone, text, or email if you have any questions or would like to set up a time to talk. My contact is 803-604-6508 and [email protected]

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of the members and representing the Guild through social media, email marketing, printed advertising, and other public relations. I am continuously improving the Guild’s website, as well as the Member Resources page which I encourage you to check out! (You need to log in to the site to view this page, let me know if you don’t have a login). 

The last two years were an unusual and challenging way to learn the many facets of this position, but I’m excited for my first “normal” year at the Guild and to implement new ideas for the year 2022!

Plans for 2022: 

Online Member Directory 

I am working with our web developers on a new design for the Member Directory that will allow for a single login for all members. All changes to member profiles will go through me. This will help with the size of our website (we currently have over 700 logins for our website), and will make it much easier to feature different members across pages of the website. There will be links on each member’s profile to their social media accounts and a gallery of images for each member. Videos will link to the Guild’s YouTube channel but will preview on the Guild’s Member Profile.

Member Workshops

I would like to provide quick “How To” workshop videos accessible to members via the Member Resources page of the website, as well as in-person or Zoom workshops. For me to understand what workshops you’re interested in, please take one-question survey:

Online Registrations

I am working to create online registrations for all events available on the Member Resources page.

Applying to the Guild Online- Recruiting new Membership

Artists can now apply to the Guild ONLINE! The application is complete and almost ready to go live. I plan on promoting this application to potential new members of the Guild.

Let me know what workshops you’re interested in by taking this one-question survey: