Christine Kosiba

Christine Kosiba

Christine Kosiba Sculpture

Maker Statement

I am attracted to the process of sculpting clay; the tactile give and take, the immediate response of the material…. malleable, spontaneous - filled with infinite possibility. I am greatly influenced by my love of and curiosity about the natural world. I believe awareness and respect for our connection to the earth is imperative to emotional and physical well-being. I work intuitively, allowing the sculpture to develop organically from coils and patties of clay. I will often fire a piece multiple times depending on the desired surface treatment. Found objects may be used to accent, embellish or define the work.






Christine Kosiba is a full time ceramic and mixed media artist residing in Brevard, NC. Christine earned her BA and MA in Education and taught in the public school system for twelve years before pursuing art full time. During that time, Christine worked with students with emotional and behavioral challenges and found clay to be a powerful tool in her classroom. Ceramic studies allowed her class a creative, healing and expressive outlet. Christine carried on her love of teaching into her studio practice by teaching workshops and classes. Christine works intuitively, allowing the sculpture to develop organically from clay coils and slabs of clay. Sculptures are fired multiple times with layers of color applied in a painterly fashion to achieve surface depth and interest. Found objects may be incorporated if they enhance the narrative of the piece. Each piece has its own evolution and story which guides its ultimate form and finish. Christine’s ceramic sculptures can be found in high end art fairs, exhibitions, gallery representation, private collections and publications. She is a member of the Piedmont Craftsmen Guild and Southern Highland Craft Guild.
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