SHCG Membership General Information

With a creative community of juried members spanning over nine states, the Southern Highland Craft Guild fosters opportunities for makers to build, market, and maintain their creative livelihood through continuing education, retail outlets, and mentorship. We are invested in helping members achieve their goals and providing them with the resources to refine and sell their craft.

Membership Application Process

The Standards Jury Process for Southern Highland Craft Guild membership includes: completed application, image jury and object jury.  Membership is open to craftspeople living in the specified counties of the Southern Appalachian mountains.

Maker Statement:

I feel that my felted wool paintings are a different and unique approach to the ordinary. Using dyed wool as my pigment, and a felting needle as my paintbrush, I am able to create as much detail with wool as with an actual paint brush and pigment, and I enjoy every minute of it!