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Magruder Glass

Magruder Glass

Stained Glass Landscapes

Asheville, NC

I have always had a great appreciation for the Blue Ridge Mountains. I grew up in Asheville N C and decided many years ago to stay here. I became interested in stained glass as a young man and started producing panels twenty plus years ago. My works encompasses the views found from the wonderful hikes and overlooks throughout Western North Carolina. I am blessed and grateful for the opportunity to use my skills to produce and replicate these beautiful sites to share with everyone in the form of my glass panels.

About Magruder Glass

When did you first start making your craft?

My first introduction to working with stained glass was taking a workshop in 1980, by A Touch of Glass also a production member of the Guild. Gary Newlin was the instructor and is still teaching as we speak. He currently teaches through the continuing Ed. at AB tech.
I learned the many steps necessary at that time, to create stained glass panels. I didn’t at that time produce any work other than a few panels for friends and family, more of a hobby.
In 1995, I returned to stained glass. At this time I headed into the direction of creating mountain landscapes for production to be sold in craft shops and galleries. Over time the production took off so to speak with a collection of works that were available in over 30 shops and galleries.

What mountains/state park to you most identify with? What region are you from?


I am an Asheville native. I have always been surrounded by the blue ridge mountains. I have hiked many a trail in these beautiful mountains. I have been fortunate to have this area influence my work. I have never grown tired of the natural beauty of the mountains and valleys I call home.

How do you incorporate the mountains into your work?

All ot the panels that are produced by Magruder glass are of the local mountains. The colors are chosen to be as realistic as possible to reflect the mountains, waters, and trees of this area. All of the panels include an overlay of native trees in the design. The overlay allows a bit more depth to the overall look of the landscape.

Favorite season?
I am intrigued by all of the changing seasons. In creating the panels I find that all of the seasons can be represented. I have no favorite season. On a personal note, I am more of a summer person.
When did you join the Guild and why?
I became a member of the guild working with A Touch of Glass in 1998. Through the membership of ATOG, I started selling works to the Guild shops and Guild Fairs . I became a member as Magruder Glass, a production membership in 2008. I have been involved in guild shows in one way or another since 1980, as I worked for the guild from 1980-1992.
I also have been fortunate to have the gift of a life membership to the Guild in 2018.
What is your favorite part of being a Guild Member? What is your participation in the Guild?
Most of my life, I have been involved with the guild. Coming to the Craftsmen’s Fair in the 1960’s . Volunteering as a teenager setting up Guild Fairs, working for the Guild beginning in the 1980’s and being a producing member over many years. Nothing worth doing goes without help. Michelle Leard, currently a guild employee, worked with me for 20 years. The creations of all the many panels built and sold, were worked on together from start to finish, bringing Magruder Glass to be one of the top Guild producers of craft.
Currently I am still a member but have had to reevaluate my level of work. I have hand injuries from many years of hard work in the glass business. I can no longer cut the glass necessary for the Magruder Glass panels. I have seeked help from a younger set of hands. Amelia Maxham is now working with Magruder Glass. She works by my side to continue making the beloved landscape panels. Her goal is to one day totally own and operate Magruder Glass. With my help in mentoring, and teaching the in’s and out’s of running a craft business, I feel confident that she can fulfill her dream and prosper as a glass maker. My love for the mountains, and the landscapes will not end. Being a guild member has enriched my life in more ways than words could ever say. I have been blessed.
Do you teach workshops?
I do not.
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