Bob Meier


Asheville, NC

Bob Meier, owner and operator of Doe Ridge Pottery in Boone, NC began his career almost by accident.  A transplant originally from Philadelphia, PA, Bob moved to Boone after his military service in 1973 to complete his education at Appalachian State University. He began is education in Technical Education, with concentrations in graphic arts, drafting and technical illustration, and crafts.  “My first semester, I took a class in pottery/ceramics mostly to fill a spot in my schedule.  It was love at first sight.”
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Meet Bob Meier

When did you first start making your craft?

1974 in College, 1978 Full-time

1978-1988 all retail shows. From 1988 to the present I have maintained a retail Gallery on King St in Boone NC with an attached working studio.

What mountains/state park to you most identify with? What region are you from?

Blue Ridge Parkway in and around the Boone-Blowing Rock area in NC

How do you incorporate the mountains into your work?

I use a number of techniques:

Hand painted wax resist method of painting mountain mountains and trees with layers of glaze, carved images, and Bas relief.

Favorite season?


When did you join the Guild and why?
I joined in 1983 as I was aware of and agreed with its mission

I also believed its marketing opportunities would be mutually beneficial.

What is your favorite part of being a Guild Member? What is your participation in the Guild?
I am proud to call myself a member because of the guild’s reputation in the Arts Community and the greater community, both state and National,

I started by doing retail shows. I have done committee work in the past. I did demos at the Moses Cone for years.

I also sell wholesale to the Allanstand and Moses Cone craft Galleries.

I am currently participating in the wholesale-retail on-line marketing effort.

Do you teach workshops?


As well as an Adjunct professor at Appalachian State University.