Crafting Jewelry for over 40 Years


When did you make your first piece of jewelry?

Jewelry making began as a hobby 40+ years ago. The first piece I made was my wife’s wedding ring. After moving to WNC in 1976  I became interested in collecting gemstones. Meeting other artisans who encouraged and inspired me added much enjoyment to my jewelry making and gem collecting. Today inspiration comes from the pleasure people have wearing my creations.

Do you have a favorite gemstone?

I do not have a favorite gemstone. My jewelry is created to complement the stones I have collected. Each piece is uniquely designed around each gemstone.

When did you join the Guild and why?

I became a member of the SHCG in February 2018. Several members of the Guild that I had met in the community encouraged me to apply. My favorite part of being a member is the association and interaction with fellow guild members and the staff of the Guild.

Do you teach workshops on how to craft jewelry?

I do not teach but enjoy participating in the Guild opportunities such as the Guild Fairs, Folk Art Center shop, special exhibits, and the online store.

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