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Screen Printed Bags by Rachel Aughtry

Rachel Aughtry

Printed Canvas Bags

Weaverville, NC

Rachel Elise Aughtry is a fiber artist living and working in her home studio in Weaverville, NC. Together with her husband Bo, Rachel sells her hand-crafted bags under the brand Rachel Elise. Each bag is screenprinted in-house, featuring original illustrations that draw inspiration from nature and traditional craft, both integral aspects of life in the Blue Ridge Mountains. All Rachel Elise bags are made with durable, long-lasting natural materials and are 100% vegan.

About Rachel Aughtry

When did you first start making your craft?
I started sewing, particularly bags, when I was in grade school. My friends and I always had freshly sewn handbags and totes! While studying Studio Art at the University of North Texas, I discovered Fiber Art and quickly changed the concentration of my studies to include screen printing, which is now integrated into most of my work.

What mountains/state park to you most identify with? What region are you from?

I live in the Barnardsville area, so I feel a strong affinity for the Big Ivy and Craggy Garden areas. Even before I lived in this area, the Craggy Mountains felt like pure magic to me.

How do you incorporate the mountains into your work?
There is no shortage of love for our mountains from both locals and visitors alike, so its imagery often works its way into my prints. I love talking to folks at shows about our mutual love of the natural beauty here.

Favorite season?
Spring! It feels like a sweet reward for toughing out the winter. I also love that spring can be just as colorful at autumn, just in a different way.

When did you join the Guild and why?
I joined the Guild in 2019. I admired the Guild's strong roots in traditional craft and wanted to learn more about the connection of traditional and modern arts in the region.

What is your favorite part of being a Guild Member? What is your participation in the Guild?
As a very new member, and a fairly young person, it has been wonderful to feel how welcoming everyone is. Long-time members of the Guild are happy to see new ideas and a new generation participate, and it's very exciting to be part of that.

Do you teach workshops?

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