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Pisgah Jewelry by Pat & Tom Bauman

Tom & Pat Bauman


Asheville, NC

As a true partnership we collaborate in the design and creation of our jewelry. We each bring our own unique and different skills and perspectives to our work. Our best, and most popular, pieces are the ones that we create together.

In our "Ridgelines" series the artistic and technical challenges of creating three-dimensional, yet light weight, sculptural jewelry has led us to develop a fine jewelry series that echoes and explores the mountains surrounding our home in Asheville, North Carolina.

Tom & Pat Bauman in their Jewelry Studio

About Tom & Pat Bauman

When did you first start making your craft?

Pat started early, watching her Grandfather repair jewelry and her Uncle engrave. She attended Haywood Professional Crafts Program in the early 80’s. We fell madly in love in 1984. We very deliberately decided that we wanted to create a life that would allow us to spend all of our time working and laughing together. Tom’s first experience working with metal was simple blacksmithing. Which led to teaching himself how to safely “play” with casting molten metal. We began making our original designs in 1989. We’re a team. We’ve been designing and working, and laughing, together ever since then.

What mountains/state park to you most identify with? What region are you from?

We love the Pisgah National Forest. Camping is one of our favorite hobbies. We enjoy many campgrounds, but North Mills River and Curtis Creek Campground in North Carolina are the two that we return to over and over. Growing up we both traveled the world with our parents, so neither of us are from any one region or place. These mountains are our Home by choice.

How do you incorporate the mountains into your work?

They’re our Inspiration. We make a series of mountain pendants and earrings and larger one of a kind pieces. Our work ranges from Ridgeline silhouettes down to the smallest textures of moss or water patterns. Tom lifecasts native ferns and sedums, that we grow, for Pat to use in some of our larger neckpieces.

Favorite season?

We love every Season! Each one is beautiful in its own unique way.

When did you join the Guild and why?

We juried into the Southern Highland Craft Guild in 2006. It appealed to us for many reasons. Sure the sales opportunities were exciting, but more than that, we admire the history of generations of craftspeople, from different media, working together toward a common goal. To be recognized and accepted as their peers, as craftspeople whose work is worthy of Guild Membership, to be a part of almost an hundred years of Guild history truly is an honor.

What is your favorite part of being a Guild Member? What is your participation in the Guild?

We enjoy the fellowship of the Guild and being part of the Guild Family. Sitting and sharing food and talking with other Members at the Fair receptions and Annual Meeting is always special. We are all in this together and the more that we can each share and contribute the better it is for the Guild and all of its Members. Tom served one term on the Board of Trustees and has been on multiple committees over the years, including the Fair Committee, the Membership Committee, the Marketing Committee, and the Nominating Committee. Pat has served on the Education Committee and is currently the Chair of that committee. She also is involved with the Mentoring Sub-Committee and the new Heritage Sub-Committee, both sub-committees of the Education Committee.

Do you teach workshops?

No, at this time we don’t teach workshops.

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