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  • woven ceramic vase

    Woven Vessel – Ceramic

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  • colorful woven garlic basket

    Garlic Wall Basket

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  • green natural and pink random weave basket bowl

    Random Weave Wisteria Bowl

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  • earth tones colorful random weave open basket

    Random Weave Wisteria Original Design

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  • random weave large basket bowl with purple, blue and red reeds

    Random Weave Large Bowl

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  • purple yellow green and blue handmade random weave wall pocket basket

    Random Weave Medium Wall Pocket

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  • small random weave basket wall pocket with yellow and purple

    Random Weave Small Wall Pocket

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  • handmade basket with a rainbow of colors, a red heart charm and a nice handle, cat's head basket with heart

    Basket of Hope

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  • double walled handmade blue and natural basket

    Double Walled Basket

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  • natural and white handmade cat head basket

    Blue and Ash Cat’s Head Basket

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  • Potato Basket

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  • black and natural handmade basket with large swing handle

    Bucket Basket with Curls

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  • natural and black strap basket, basket with long handles

    Black Handled Basket

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  • colorful rainbow handmade egg basket

    Colorful Square Egg Basket

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  • small round blue basket, handwoven blue basket without a handle

    Handwoven Small Blue Basket

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  • small handmade ash basket

    Small Ash Basket

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  • colorful handwoven basket with top handle turquoise and purple basket

    Turquoise and Purple with Indian Swing Handle

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  • Onion Basket

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  • Carolina Snowflake Ornament- Large

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  • Small Carolina Snowflake Ornament

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