Purple Feathers – Silk Scarf

Pam Granger Gale


Horizontal feather design plays over the surface of this long silk scarf, allowing for endless wearing variation!

Feel the warmth of this red and purple-hued, hand-marbled 100% silk scarf.  You will feel royal and extra special when wearing this hand painted accessory.  Silk is a perfect addition to any outfit in any season.

  • 72″ x 22″
  • 100% Habotai silk
  • Hand rolled hem, hand painted, loose feather pattern
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water by hand, no bleach or bleach substitutes

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The antique process of marbling floats paint on a watery, gel surface.  The environmentally friendly paints are placed on a size of methyl cellulose, also safe for the environment.  While floating, the colors are moved around with a stylus or rake.  The fluid nature of the water-based paints allow freedom of each design to be different and customized.  The fluid design is frozen on paper or fabric, preserving the moment of relaxation forever.