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With A Cherry on Top Triangular Tie Shawl

Martha Owen


Light weight and flexible Danish style tie shawl knitted first in shades of brown, tan, medium brown and white. When over-dyed in a cochineal pot, the colors became unified in combination. The ties are long enough to wrap and tie at the waist or can be left to drape at the front.

  • 50″ x 23″
  • Wool, angora rabbit hair
  • Hand spun home raised fibers
  • Combined in a hand knitted fabric
  • After washing shawl was pinned to shape and left to dry

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Martha Owen

Using inspirations from antiquity and nature I individually design yarns and custom made knit wear of wool and angora from my own managed flock of sheep. All colors are from the sheep or the natural/vegetable dye pot. A sheep is sheared, the wool washed, dyed, picked, and carded. Each thread is spun one at at time on a spinning wheel, and is then hand knitted into custom made garments. Some fleece is sent to a mill that guarantees my wool back to me in a simple yarn that I often dye. Related products such as roving, blankets and sheep skins are sometimes available. There is nothing like wool to show comfort and connection to a sustainable and healthy environment.

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