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Full Length Nuno Dress

Sarah Tremaine


Grey hand dyed silk and merino tencel roving hand nuno felted long dress, embellished with eco printed silk organza and silk ruffle.

  • Size M
  • Silk habotai, merino-tencel roving, silk organza, sequin embellished merino yarn, acid dye
  • Nuno felting, hand dyed, eco printing
  • Shawl sold separately
  • Made in VA

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Sarah Tremaine

I am a fiber artist, working in my farm-studio at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, with hay fields, wild flowers and 38 fruit trees. I design and sustainably hand make garments and accessories for women with a simple, contemporary aesthetic. I work with natural fibers, plant materials and natural fabrics to create garments and accessories using the techniques of botanical printing, nuno felting and sewing. I use natural dyes; the colors are rich, complex and naturally harmonious. Inspired by the natural world outside my door and 20th Century modern art, I design clothes that are styled to be timeless and delicious to wear. I make accessories, such as scarves, shawls, beach wraps & beach tunics. I also make garments, such as silk velvet Kimono Jackets and Dusters and nuno felted tops, tunics, dresses and coats. Each unique garment or accessory is made of the highest quality materials. My collections reflect a simple and relaxed life-style; I want my garments to be in your wardrobe for years to come.

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