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Dream Time – Framed Embroidery

Laura Gaskin


Garden dreams fill summer nights. This piece is hand embroidered using cotton floss on cotton canvas. The stitch technique is original, and each design is unique.

  • Embroidery: 6 1/2″tall x 5 1/4″wide
  • Frame:  16″tall x 13 1/2″wide
  • Made in NC

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Laura Gaskin

I love the beauty of the natural world, and I am fascinated by the ways in which we try to capture and hold on to it. That is the story I tell. I use an embroidery technique that I developed, borrowing from needlepoint and crewel traditions to create a style that is uniquely my own.


“I make stitched pictures using a technique of my own. First, I outline the design onto embroidery canvas. Next I stitch free form, filling in color and shading with cotton floss. I go over each area repeatedly, adding a new color with each pass, until the area is filled. This is a deliberate, meditative process, one that evolved over years of working with cloth.”

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