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Large Wisteria Hearth Broom

Marlow Gates


Handmade hearth broom with a unique twisted handle made of wisteria from the Blue Ridge Mountains.  These broom are meant to be used.  When the broom wears out, the handle may be returned to the broomaker, and the sweep will be replaced for a nominal fee.

  • 44″long x 13″wide x 4″deep
  • Made in NC

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Marlow Gates

Using natural wood handles and broomcorn, we make each broom by hand with techniques that date to the 1790s Diana prepares the handles by shaping, carving and sanding each one by hand. Marlow then ties the heads on the handles in an intricate hand-woven Shaker design. We both share in the design, sewing and finishing of each broom.


Large hearth broom entirely handmade in the old Appalachian mountain style by second generation broommakers, Marlow and Diana Gates.  The handles are chosen with care, using only trees or saplings condemned by progress or ready for beneficial pruning. The sweep, made from the tassel of the broom corn plant, is securely tied and spread to give maximum use and years of enjoyment.


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