Sea Grass Butterdish

Angelique Tassistro


Blue green ceramic butter dish with a dark green flower applique and scalloped rim by Angelique Tassistro.

  • 8″long x 4 1/4″wide x 3 3/4″tall
  • Food safe
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Made in NC

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Angelique Tassistro’s ceramics are known for their bright colors and unique patterns. Each piece is hand-built with slabs and coils. Forms are created by using a unique subtractive process.
Angelique’s surfaces are created by layering underglazes on top of another. Each pattern has five colors. Two colors cover the entire piece, Angelique uses a wooden tool to hash a pattern into the wet underglaze. Then three accent colors are used to fill in the pattern. After the underglaze dries it is washed off. The pieces are allowed to dry before she uses a underglaze pencil to add depth and highlighting the shapes of color. Lastly, Angelique adds a clear gloss glaze.

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