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Silver Bark Riverstone Latch Cuff Bracelet

Jason Janow


Sterling silver cuff bracelet with black found riverstone.   Focal point is created by creating a mold of a piece of bark, and casting it in silver.

Watch Jason Janow pour molten silver into a mold here.

  • Opening is 1 1/2″wide
  • Bark centerpiece is 1 1/8″ x 1 1/8″
  • Made in NC

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Jason Janow

And so, when I leave the trout stream, my pockets are often filled with such treasures as river stones and twigs.


The latch bracelet is a design that is so incredibly functional. It’s bold, moves freely, yet the wearer has no worry of it coming off accidentally! For this bracelet I’ve combined techniques such as stone setting, casting, and forging. The cast bark is, well, just plain cool and bares an awesome natural texture. The found river stone is set in a classic bezel style, yet maintains its original shape, color, and finish. The bracelet element is forged from heavy sterling silver wire and provides the bracelet a super long lasting durability.

Video description:  Jason is hand pouring molten sterling silver into a mold. The video begins with the torch aimed at the metal (unseen) which is contained in the hand held crucible. Once the metal is molten, roughly 1640 degrees Fahrenheit, it is then poured into the mold. This is a crucial step in the casting process where one slip can mean the difference between a beautiful piece of jewelry, or splattered blob of metal on the floor!

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