Topaz Set

Desiree Dionysius




This piece is on exhibit in the Main Gallery 0f the Folk Art Center.  The artist is a 2019 graduate from Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC.  Haywood Community College is an Educational Center Member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild.  This designation encompasses the schools, colleges and universities that operate craft classes and programs in the Guild’s region.

Haywood’s Professional Crafts Program has enjoyed a special relationship with the Guild, given the common emphasis on craftspeople that make a living from their work. Since the mid-1980s, Haywood has held graduate exhibitions at the Folk Art Center.  This presentation signals the student’s emergence into the professional world.

Haywood Community College and the Southern Highland Craft Guild share a history that documents the role of craft education in preserving traditional culture, creating economic opportunity and fostering professional practice.  All of the artists represent the vitality and creativity of craft practice today, which is the ultimate purpose of both institutions.

  • Sterling silver, London blue topaz, black diamonds
  • Ring and earrings:  carved from wax and cast
  • Necklace:  fabricated, handmade clasp
  • Shipping cost and shipping date will be determined after the close of the show on June 23, 2019