Organic Cotton Knit Skirt

Jude Stuecker




This skirt is comfortable and flattering, made from high quality cotton knit with 8% Lycra for a nice stretch.  It has exposed seams in black thread and is serged with a rolled hem at the bottom. The waistband fabric is doubled for comfort and longevity.  Turn it inside out to wear as a solid-colored skirt without the silkscreen design.  Artist Jude Stuecker hand dyes and prints all of her fabrics, then cuts and sews each piece in her home studio.  Watch the following video to learn more about Jude and her work.

  • Skirt is machine washable and preshrunk
  • Each size comes in 1 color
  • Small- blue;  Medium- purple;  Large- green
  • Hand dyed and printed fabrics have variations in the print or color

Sizing is as follows;

S: Top of waistband: 28,” Bottom of waistband: 30,” Bottom circumference at hem: 56,” Length: 24″
M: Top of waistband: 30,” Bottom of waistband: 33,” Bottom circumference at hem: 62,” Length: 25″
L/XL: Top of waistband: 34,” Bottom of waistband: 36,” Bottom circumference at hem: 66,” Length: 25


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