Gaskin Framed Embroidery – “Creekside”

Laura Gaskin


A vivid embroidery by Laura Gaskin of western North Carolina.

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Laura Gaskin is a fiber artist living and creating in the mountains of western North Carolina.

“My work is rooted in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding my home. I’m inspired by the grand scale of the mountain views, the lush foliage, and the variety of wildlife. When I hike in the mountains, I seek their leavings. Those include feathers, seed pods, footprints, leaves, and stones. Those treasures often make their way into my work. I am also fascinated by the ways in which people try to reshape the natural world for their own use. Crops are selected and cultivated, flowers are picked and arranged, seasons may become irrelevant when nature is altered by human intent.”

Laura’s embroideries often tell a story, even if it is merely hinted at. Creekside features a Jack-in-the-pulpit, a little newt, and a gentle creek flowing through rocks. Laura has said that she “paints with stitches,” and uses thread much as an Impressionist painter uses paint–inviting the viewer’s eyes to blend the colors.

This embroidery is 7 in. high by 4 3/4 in. wide; frame dimensions are 15 3/4 in. by 13 3/4 in. Piece is matted and framed under glass.

Artist statement and technique are included.

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