Blue Ridge Fall Overlook

Amanda Taylor


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Kiln-formed glass landscape.  This piece is part of artist Amanda Taylor’s series, “Moments in Time.”  She captures various places that she has traveled to, into a thick sculptural glass form.

The visual depth created by the multiple layers of imagery gives the viewer a sense of walking into and through the piece.  “Starting with a photograph, or painting, I breakdown the visual layers in the landscape into physical layers (typically 4). I use clear glass as my “blank canvases” for each layer, and apply mixtures of glass frits and powders onto each layer. The completed glass layers are then heated separately in a glass kiln to a temperature where the glass layer is a perfectly flat surface.  Once the layers have cooled in the kiln to room temperature, I then stack them together and place more clear glass layers between the fired layers. Once cooled I start the coldworking process on the 4 edges of the glass using special grinding equipment, and then it is placed into the kiln to slump over a curved form.”

  • Approximately 10″wide x 8.5″tall x 3.5″deep x 1″thick
  • Made in NC


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