Mountain Vista Glass Panels

Amanda Taylor




Seasonal Tree glass panels.  Artist Amanda Taylor uses several different techniques to achieve a realistic representation of the natural beauty she sees all around her.  She begins with a “blank canvas” of glass (some with a background of mountain silhouettes), then assembles the landscapes by placing glass powder where she would like to position tree trunks.  The trunks are pre-fused glass powder components.  All the tree branches are made from glass strings that she creates by pulling glass into very thin branch like shapes using a torch flame. Once the branches are pulled, they are arranged onto the tree trunks.  Custom color combinations of crushed glass are then placed as the ground & leaves within the landscapes. The completed glass piece is then heated in a glass kiln at a low temperature to produce texture instead of a perfectly flat surface. This texture encourages a sense of depth and allows light to reflect, adding life and realism to my imagery.  Expect slight differences in design and color.  The piece you receive may not be the one in the picture.

  • Approximately 6″wide x 8″tall
  • Short rock base
  • Different seasons available
  • Made in NC


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