Dervish – Wooden Wall Sculpture by Merryll Saylan

Merryll Saylan


This piece is part of WOODn’t You Like to Know, the current exhibition in the Folk Art Center’s Main Gallery.

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This piece is part of WOODn’t You Like to Know, the current exhibition in the Folk Art Center’s Main Gallery.  This exceptional selection of wooden sculpture has been curated by John Hill, the exhibition coordinator of the American Association of Woodturners.

  • Mahogany, milk paint; turned, carved
  • 18 5/8” x 1 ¾”
  • This piece will be shipped after the close of the show on September 22, 2019
  • Shipping cost TBD
  • Made in 2004

“Form, contrast, pattern, texture and color are primary themes in my work. Bowls and platters serve as my canvas on which to investigate and explore surface manipulation and visual images. The nature of wood – with its inherent differences in color, grain, texture and density – offers the ground for experimentation with pigments and texture.  The recent multiples and installations allow for more complex studies by the juxtaposition of one piece to another. Environment has always affected my work and living next to a salt marsh with its movement and patterns from tidal action is reflected on my surfaces. I have been influenced and attracted to the work and themes of artists such as Morandi, Wayne Thiebaud, Agnes Martin and Hans Coper.”

Merryll Saylan lives and maintains a studio in Berkeley, California. Educated with a BA in Design from UCLA and an MA in Art from California State University Northridge, her work has been exhibited in many museums and galleries, including the Renwick Gallery, Museum of Art & Design and the Yale University Art Gallery. Her pieces have been included in numerous shows such as Turning Wood into Art at The Mint Museum, Turned Wood Now at Arizona State University Museum and the opening exhibition at the Museum of Arts & Design. A leader in the use of color and texture on wood and a valued authority in woodturning method, Saylan’s writings on art, techniques and the woodturning field have been published in books and magazines.