Assorted Hand-Blown Glass Fruit

Robert Levin


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Robert Levin

I was originally attracted to hot glass because of its liquid qualities and sense of immediacy. I have always tried to capture some of the elegance, fluidity, gesture, and whimsy which I feel are inherent properties of glass. I formulate many of my own glass colors, and often use layers of different colors within each piece to create subtle shading or contrast. The approaches I use are eclectic and personal at the same time -- sort of a blend of Late Venetian and Early Neurotic.

Material: Glass


Assorted frosted glass fruit.  Artist Robert Levin creates these pieces that are only slightly larger than reality, and would create a beautiful still life grouping. Robert formulates and melts most of the colored glass he uses in his work.  Each piece is free-blown and hot-worked, then frosted by sand-blasting and acid-etching.

  • Prices vary due to complexity
  • Peach: 6″tall x 3.5″wide
  • Pear:  7″tall x 3.5″wide
  • Banana:  9″long x 2.5″wide
  • Apple:  5.5″tall x 4″wide
  • Made in NC