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Medium Prayer Tower with Bird

Byers McCurry Studio


Prayer Tower with bird tabletop sculpture.  Included inside each tower is a fold of paper for writing down messages or prayers of one’s choice – giving a special purpose with meaning for each sculpture.

  • Each tower is individually hand built and hand painted
  • Approximately 8″ tall x 1.75″wide
  • Made in NC

Byers McCurry Studio

Ed and Holden have been working as a studio team in clay since 2003. Their work is developed through a collaborative process while allowing for development of one of a kind sculptures. Their forms are architectural, organic and natural; all expressing form, beauty, texture and color with a purpose.


Artist Holden McCurry began making the first few prayer towers in 2001 and has since developed them with Ed Byers over the years to incorporate new and distinct architectural forms, symbols, organic imagery and color variations. “We consider the idea of a prayer tower – a gift.” They apply texture to the clay surfaces with found objects (driftwood, rocks, corals) and handmade ceramic stamps and roulettes. Their painted and drawn surfaces incorporate terra sigillata, layered underglazes, slips, oxides and sgraffito.

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