Radial Bowl – Wooden Sculpture by John Beaver

John Beaver


This piece is part of WOODn’t You Like to Know, the current exhibition in the Folk Art Center’s Main Gallery.


This piece is part of WOODn’t You Like to Know, the current exhibition in the Folk Art Center’s Main Gallery.  This exceptional selection of wooden sculpture has been curated by John Hill, the exhibition coordinator of the American Association of Woodturners.

  • Sycamore, acrylics
  • 6″ x 13″
  • This piece has been SOLD
  • Made in 2019

“After spending 25 years in Hollywood, filming television commercials, I began experimenting with a lathe I had inherited. Before I even mastered the technique, I could see that I wanted to find a way to give the pieces a little more life. A bowl, or a vase, or a sculpture sits on a shelf and has a form, and there’s a certain beauty in that, but I wanted to add movement and energy to that form.

I have always lived near the ocean and was inspired to bring the motion and rhythm of the waves to a round object. The exploration of that concept led to the “wavy” design which is still the core element of my work today.

I started by placing the design on bowls, because that’s kind of the obvious thing to make on a lathe, but as I developed new techniques I found that I could remove the restriction of the vessel and let the design stand alone as a sculptural form. By working with round forms I found this opportunity to create designs that have no beginning or end. Even as they sit still, you can imagine the design wrapping around the piece and coming back into view, giving rhythm to the design. By moving the shapes around on the piece I found the energy that hopefully gives a feeling of movement to an otherwise static form.”

Beaver is President of Collectors of Wood Art, POP Committee member of the American Association of Woodturners, a member of Segmented Woodturners, Glendale CA Woodturners, and International Sculpture Center. He has received a Masters Choice Award and a People’s Choice Award from American Association of Woodturners Symposium and Niche Awards in Wood Décor, Sculpture and Wood Décor, as well as Glass Sculptural. Demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions are scheduled in many U.S. states and in British Columbia, Toronto and Quebec.