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Large Ceramic Belted Vessel

Sarah Wells Rolland


Large ceramic belted vessel in pumpkin glaze.  Artist Sarah Wells Rolland created this large vessel that is sure to make a statement.

  • Approximately 17.5″tall x 9.5″wide
  • Made in NC

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Sarah Wells Rolland

Working with clay shapes me. It is liberating. It is spiritual. I feel God’s presence. There is a hidden mystery in what happens when I work in the quiet of the morning and a lump of clay takes shape. The clay and I work together. We have a relationship. I ask the clay to go with me to the limit, to the edge where all is almost lost; and some of the time we make it there. This is where I live as an artist and I love it.


“Working at the wheel, feeling the clay move, watching the shape take form continues to be a big part of my daily life. I am drawn to forms that are simple, graceful and fluid. You can see when looking at my work that the motion of the wheel and the hand of the potter are not lost in the finished piece. I purpose to celebrate all the elements of the process.”

Click on the link to watch Sarah demonstrate her process:

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