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Frond Paths – Framed Fiber by Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones


This piece is part of Stellar Objectives, the current exhibit in the Folk Art Center’s Main Gallery. Stellar Objectives features the work of the newest members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild creating work in fiber, clay, glass, metal and wood.


Stellar Objectives is on display until January 19, 2020 during regular open hours of the Folk Art Center.

  • Approximately 17.25″ x 19″
  • Natural and synthetic fabric, threads and yarn, Tyvek transfer foil, ribbon
  • Hand and machine sewing, heat gun, wood-burning tool
  • This piece will be shipped after the close of the exhibition on January 19th, 2020
  • Shipping cost will be determined and billed at that time
  • Made in 2019

“My process explores and manipulates natural and synthetic fibers: fabric, thread, cord, string, yarn, wool, ribbon, silk, felt, lace… even those plastic-net-produce-bags.  I machine and hand stitch, layer, fuse, cut, melt, burn, and paint.  Color and creating texture to generate movement in my pieces is important to me.  I want the surface of my work to invite the viewer’s eye to travel over it, pull them in for a closer look, then surprise them with more details not seen from a couple of steps back.

A favorite tool I use generously is the humble hand-stitched straight stitch.  It’s versatile: it can be thick, or thin and create structure, values, contours, shapes, borders, edges and textures.  It’s deliberate and distinctly not machine made, so it has a personality.  It does not hide or apologize for any imperfection and celebrates the time-intensive labor it conveys.

When my process and favorite tool come together as I begin a new piece – I always have multiple pieces in progress at once and never follow a blueprint or a set of rules – it’s more like the fiber and I take a journey together.  The fiber may pull me one way or I may nudge it in a different direction; sometimes there is a destination in mind, or sometimes we just wander.  And over the course of days, weeks, and months, pieces like “Frond Paths” and “Streaming Pebbles” come to life.”

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