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Parkway Through the Trees

Barbara Jones


Framed fiber piece depicting the parkway overhead weaving through trees.

  • 62″tall x 24 1/2″wide
  • Natural and synthetic fabrics, transfer foil, variety of natural and synthetic threads, handmade doodads
  • Hand and machine sewing, longarm quilting, heat gun, wood burning tool
  • Archival frame
  • Made in NC

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Barbara Jones

My work explores and manipulates natural and synthetic fibers: fabric, thread, cord, string, yarn, wool, ribbon, silk, felt…anything fiber. While I never follow a blueprint or set of rules, my process generally involves machine stitching, hand stitching, layering, fusing, cutting, melting, burning, and painting; in no particular order! Creating texture to generate movement in my pieces is important to me. I want the surface of my work to invite the viewer’s eyes to travel over it; pull them in for a closer look; then surprise them with more details not seen from a couple steps back.

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