Tea with Birds – Matted Triptych

Debbie Littledeer


Colorful screen prints of a mountain scene with birds and a tea set.

  • Prints are a total of 16″wide x  6″tall
  • Matted size 22″ x 12″
  • Made in NC

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Debbie uses screen printing, or serigraphy as her medium to express the beauty she sees in the mountains.  She separates an image into flat areas of color, then prepares a screen of fine mesh fabric across a wooden or metal frame.  For each color, a stencil is made by hand cutting a special film and attaching it to the mesh, or by painting directly onto the mesh with screen filler, leaving open the areas through which she wants a color to be printed.  After the stencils are attached she places paper beneath the screen, lining it up with the stencil.  Then ink is pushed across the screen through the stencil opening and onto the paper below.  She prints one color, lets it dry, and repeats for each additional color.


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