Follow the Thread

Tapestry Weavers South

Follow the Thread by the Tapestry Weavers South.

The “Follow the Thread” exhibit is now on display at the Folk Art Center – January 14th through May 3rd. The Folk Art Center is open daily from 10am-5pm.

This piece will remain on exhibit in the Main Gallery of the Folk Art Center until the close of the show on May 3rd. Shipping cost will be determined at that time.

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • 2022


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In Honor of Archie Brennan

Master Weaver, Teacher and

Consummate Artist



This tapestry postcard banner honoring our teachers and influencers is an homage to Archie Brennan who wove and mailed his first tapestry piece in 1974.  Archie, always the contrarian, decided to weave a simple postcard, something that would normally take a few minutes to fill out, actually took hours of planning and execution. Is this a comment on the preciousness of tapestry weaving or a chronicle of modern life, much as the medieval tapestries were a chronicle of their times?

Many of us were fortunate to have Archie as one of our teachers. Some of the work you see in the show is a result of that instruction.


Joan Griffin, Alice Martin, Sue Parker Bassett, Jenny Zia, Deb Gottlieb, Terri Bryson, MJ Lord, Tommye Scanlin, Helene Wiesner, Laurie O’Neil, April Price, Sarah Thomsen, Betty Hilton-Nash, Leslie Fesperman, Sue Gaire, Rosemary Smith, Susan Iverson, Louise Halsey