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Granulated Gold Disk Earrings

Susan McDonough


Granulated gold disc post earrings.

  • 9mm in diameter
  • Sterling silver posts
  • Made in NC

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Susan McDonough

I have a innate love of ancient objects and a deep curiosity to understand the process of how they were made. Using ancient techniques, fine materials and a love of history; juicy gems and rich colors dominate my designs.I became fascinated to the point of obsession with the Etruscan process of Granulation, a process that involves tiny spheres formed under heat through colloidal adhesion, precisely placed on a prepared surface of the same material then fused with a torch. Granulation is a very time consuming process. The creation of unique pieces in precious metals is my passion!


Artist Susan McDonough uses the technique called granulation. Granulation is a controlled fusing process that has been utilized for thousands of years.  The 22K gold granulation is fused onto a sterling silver disc.  To understand her process, watch the following PBS video.


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