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Cosmos Woven Beaded Necklace

Martine House


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Martine House

Because of the immense diversity in their sizes, shapes, materials and textures, beads offer endless creative possibilities. Whether I start with a photograph as a guide to a specific color palette or a large bead/stone around which I design my piece, I have the most wonderful time searching through my beads to find the best selection and the most appropriate stitches. Working creatively is also a good way to overcome anxiety about the problems and violence in our world as well as my own purpose in this life.


Woven beaded statement necklace.  Artist Martine House begins each necklace by gluing a stone on a background of Ultra suede.  Beads are then sewn all around, the design evolves from there.  When the design is completed, another piece of sued is added, and the edge is finished with a row of beading.

  • 14″long, 3″wide at thickest point, 3/4″bead
  • Lamp-worked glass bead, amethyst beads, glass seed beads, metal findings
  • Made in NC


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