Sanctuary for Her Majesty’s Darling

Julianna Englander


Hand forged, hammered, and fused Sanctuary for Her Majesty’s Darling pendant with patinated emerald green bronze casted black lotus. On display by Haywood Community College Graduate Julianna Englander. On display at the Folk Art Center, NC.

This piece will remain on exhibit in the Main Gallery of the Folk Art Center until the close of the show on September 7, 2022. Shipping cost will be determined at that time.

  • 23 cm x 14cm x 16cm
  • 24k gold foil and fine silver
  • Hand forged, hammered, and fused
  • Kaleidoscopic vitreous enamel, tourmaline and black spinels
  • Sterling silver cable chain w/ wench hook clasp
  • Base – Bonze casted black lotus branches w/ emerald green patina
  • Made in NC

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Haywood Community College’s Professional Crafts Program Graduate Exhibition 2022. On display at the Folk Art Center May 21 – September 7.

“I honor the humor that comes with absurdity. I draw inspiration from the Surrealist art movement, where the worlds and the unknown are one. I use the symbols of hidden worlds, life, death and the primordial. My work experiments with duality and stark contrasts. The lost-wax casting technique allows me to create detailed work, offering the wearer a different perspective from those not wearing it. The contrasting viewpoints complement with a dreamlike sentiment and explore what can seen and what is indiscernible. the pieces I make can be worn for rituals, ceremonies, or for a singular statement.” – Julianna Englander