“Super Seven Study” Necklace

Erica Stankwytch Bailey


“Super Seven Study” Necklace on display at The Earth’s Gift Focus Gallery Exhibit at the Folk Art Center – June 3 through August 30.

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  • Sterling silver
  • Amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrocite, rutile, smoky quartz, quartz
  • Scoring, bending, soldering
  • Surface embellishment/stitching
  • Patination
  • Made in NC

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The Earth’s Gift Focus Gallery exhibit is now on display at the Folk Art Center – June 3 through August 30. The Folk Art Center is open daily from 10am-5pm.

“My work is both organic and architectural, and is created from the visual fragments of a life of collecting images. I inspect facets of the world in great detail and have always collected shells, seedpods, stones and interesting organic elements. My studio often resembles a laboratory with trays of specimens lined in rows. The walls and pages of my sketchbook are covered with myriad images of our world from nano-photography of plant life to geometric illustrations of platonic solids. In designing, making and living I see a strong relevance for the smallest things within the larger context; the seed that becomes a plant, the crystal that forms a valuable mineral, our planet within the universe. Understanding the foundations or building blocks of “things” is the driving force behind my inspirations. Of late I am focusing my research and design on the material at hand, meatal and mineral, and have begun to explore the molecular and crystal structure of the beautiful materials I create with. Using a variety of metalsmithing techniques intended to explore the malleability of silver I am building my visual interpretations of our foundations.” ~ Erica Stankwytch Bailey