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Shooting Star Pin

Nancy Fleming

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Nancy Fleming

"Life is full of whimsy. I express life as I see it, and metal is the language I use to tell my story. Using mixed metals, I express the imagery of life as I see it. Ideas from within provide the challenge for my hands to create the images in my work. Much of my work has a narrative, tells a story, and reflects the whimsy I see in life. Other series depict historical and contemporary themes I feel drawn toward". Nancy Fleming has made Asheville, North Carolina home for over 35 years. Drawn to the richness and diversity of the area, she has been active in arts and crafts for almost that full time. Nancy’s work has appeared in numerous national art and craft publications including Fundamentals of Metalsmithing and Lapidary Journal. Her unique combinations of materials and highly developed fabrication techniques have won numerous national awards, including special recognition from the American Craft Council. Nancy has twice been named a finalist for the prestigious NICHE Award in Jewelry. The richness of natural forms and organic materials in our region is a constant source of inspiration. This interest in the natural and organic became fused with a long held interest in cultural symbolism. Her work reflects this synthesis of nature and culture.


Mixed metal shooting star pin with “man in the moon.” Artist Nancy Fleming creates one-of-kind handmade sculptures to wear using mixed metals, gemstones and collected objects. Her collaged jewelry is constructed of sterling silver accentuated with gold, bronze, copper or steel.

  • 3″long x 3/4″wide
  • Made in NC
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