10″ Blue Mountain Bowl

Bob Meier


Medium, slab-built serving bowl with mountain pattern on the interior, and flowing dotted lines on the exterior.  A beautiful blue glaze highlights the surface decoration on the inside, and a deep red on the outside.

  • 10″in diameter x 3″tall
  • Food, oven and microwave-safe
  • Made in NC

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Bob Meier, owner and operator of Doe Ridge Pottery in Boone, NC began his career almost by accident.  A transplant originally from Philadelphia, PA, Bob moved to Boone after his military service in 1973 to complete his education at Appalachian State University. He began his education in Technical Education, with concentrations in graphic arts, drafting and technical illustration, and crafts.  “My first semester, I took a class in pottery/ceramics mostly to fill a spot in my schedule.  It was love at first sight.”

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