Small Oval Yellow Bowl

Joy Tanner


Hand built bowl built from a slab and carved with textures inspired by nature.  It was fired in a soda kiln.  Perfect size for your morning breakfast or salad.

  • Approximately 3″tall x 8″wide x 7″deep
  • Dishwasher and food safe
  • Made in NC

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Growing up in eastern Tennessee, I had the privilege of being exposed to the surrounding landscape and steadily grew an appreciation for the beauty around me. Despite focusing on music lessons throughout my childhood, I found myself falling into art courses late in college. An interest in photography and pottery drew me in and I immediately recognized my interest and commitment to this outlet for expression. I decided to pursue a Fine Arts degree in Ceramics at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and went further in my education as a Resident Artist at the Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts in Asheville, North Carolina. Currently I have established and maintained my studio in the beautiful mountains surrounding Bakersville, North Carolina. It is here that I spend my time making pots and balancing all my other passions in life that keep me going.