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Woodfired Scalloped Ceramic Teapot

Sue Grier


Large, scalloped thrown and assembled teapot.  Sue Grier uses her potter’s wheel to throw different components that she alters and assembles.  The teapot was fired in a wood kiln, which gives the surface that stone-like surface.

  • 12 1/2″tall x 10″wide x 6 1/2″deep
  • Wheel thrown components
  • Altered and assembled
  • Translucent gray glaze
  • Wood fired to cone 11

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Sue Grier

Working with clay is very ‘process oriented’ – this is the attraction. I work primarily from wheel-thrown components. I am only half teasing when I say that the clay keeps a person ‘centered’. Beyond the throwing – mesmerizing & meditative as that can be – there is the quality of mark making and creation of form. Working with clay for over 30 years, I have a decided interest in the quest for problem solving when making more complex forms or pieces. What fun to test one’s skills against this ornery & willful material.

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